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Divination assignment - minor arcana

Note that there will probably be at least one more lesson for this term, as soon as I decide what it is. Haha. ^^

Minor arcana are the four suits in tarot - usually pentacles/coins, cups, swords, and wands, though these vary from deck to deck. I have a Feng Shui deck that uses the Chinese directional animals - the black turtle, the green dragon, the white tiger, and the red phoenix.

Each suit has fourteen cards - ace through ten, a page, a knight, a queen, and a king (though these sometimes vary as well - for example the page and knight might be replaced by the princess and the prince.)

Your assignment (should you choose to accept it) is to design your own Harry Potter tarot card. You should use an image from the books, movies, or even fanart (but be sure to get the artist's permission!)

Here are some specifications:
-No particular size limits, though it should be vaguely card shaped
-The image you use should somehow relate to the card you pick out. I once again suggest using to help you out. You should also include a sentence or two (or however many it takes) on why you believe your image fits the card.
-You must include some indication of the suit and number in the image. If you want, you could just use a text box with, for example, "five of swords". However, I would prefer that if you were doing the five of swords, that you integrate five swords into the image. Or you could integrate one sword and then add the number in text. Regardless, make sure it is clear what card you've created.

EDIT: Due date October 31
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omg ok ok I know Im all for this whole lessons thing but honestly I realy SUCK at this stuff. Please please dont be mad if I dont want to take this class. I respect you very much but frankly this is NOT something Im into or even understand lol it makes my eyes go cross.
LOL don't worry! You're supposed to do the stuff that's fun for you and if divination's not your thing, then don't do it. There's no rule that you have to do every lesson every month, or that you can't skip some divination lessons and do others or anything like that. If anything ever piques your interest that I put up then feel free, but otherwise please don't feel pressured to do it.
lmao yea I knew I didnt HAVE TO do it but I didnt want you to see that ive done most everyone elses homework and then think I was being .. well I dont know... Rude? ::shugs:: I just wanted you to know that its just my thing lol
Nope, not rude at all. ^_^ Have fun on the other lessons.
"Hello Professor!" Riana calls out as she enters the Divination classroom. "I've just finished the first Divination assignment and wondered if you'd have a look at it."

She hands a piece of parchment to the Professor and then a card-shaped object. "I hope you like them! I've got to go get started on other assignments now, though. Have a great day, sir!

The parchment reads:


Riana Giammarco
House Slytherin
October 28th, 2005

Dumbledore is the EPITOME of the King of Cups. Why, you may ask? The explaination is simple. The king of cups has five basic traits: He is Wise, Calm, Diplomatic, Caring, and Tolerant. Although I will go into each of these in further depth, you must already see how Dumbledore embodies each and every one of these traits.

Wise: Dumbledore is wise beyond his years, and he has seen MANY years. He understands human nature, and gives good advice. He sees through pretenses with ease, and always understands where someone is coming from no matter what their age, and teaches with love rather than spite.

Calm: We have not seen Dumbledore get very upset as his years as Headmaster over Harry and the rest of the school. He handles every situation without losing his composure and this influences the other students and teachers not to panic in a dangerous situation.

Diplomatic: Dumbledore is very good at working with almost everyone. He can keep rivalries at bay, as well as influence his peers to work together (such as Trelawney and Firenze). He always seems to know the right thing to say just when you are least expecting it, and he can usually get what he wants by using subtley.

Caring: Dumbledore responds to emotional needs. We can SEE this by the way he works with Harry, the way he trusts Snape, and the way he tried to keep an eye on Voldemort during his school years. He is natrually easy to talk to, not having to pry too much to get someone to open up to him. He feels compassion for the less fortunate instead of hate and pity. He is a wonderful man.

Tolerant: Dumbledore is VERY patient when everything seems to be going wrong, and at the same time he accepts and respects whatever limitations a person might have. He is comfortable with all sorts of people from Rosmerta the bar-girl, his students, even to Snape who is not the nicest person but Dumbledore trusts completely. He is very openminded and tries to find the best in people allowing him to respect their freedom.

So it is very obvious that DUMBLEDORE is the one and ONLY choice for the King of Cups card. See illust.


The card looks like this:

Image hosted by