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The Classroom -- Hogwarts

Hogwarts Challenge Teaching Community
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Welcome to the Hogwarts Challenge Teaching Community!

This community is one branch of the Hogwarts Challenge (hogwarts_ch) community network. We are more than a sorting community, and continue to offer new and fun things with just about the best group of students you could ask for.

What is hgch_lessons and how can I participate?
hgch_lessons is where the teachers of hogwarts_ch post their lessons and the students hand in their homework to recieve House Points. Our main community is a very lively spot, so the teachers created this community to make it as easy as possible for our students to find their lessons.
Students do not have to do all the homework, just the ones they are interested in or that look fun to them.
If you want to participate, you have to get sorted at our sorting community hogwarts_ch first.

What are you waiting for? Just friend this community and get started!


Please note: This Community has a PG-13/TV-14 Rating. (click link for details)


Dean of Faculty : gaidig [Ravenclaw]
Grounds Keeper : thewatch [Ravenclaw]
Registrar : kuri_sutaru [Ravenclaw]

The professors:

Ancient Runes : --- Open ---
Arithmancy : --- Open ---
Astronomy : darsynia [Gryffindor]
Care of Magical Creatures Professor : moonfruit_ [Hufflepuff]
Charms Professor : kendokamel [Ravenclaw]
Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor : --- Open ---
Divination : slytherinblack [Slytherin]
Herbology Professor : hufflepuffhealy [Hufflepuff]
History of Magic : chapstick_chick [Hufflepuff]
Muggle Studies : foxportion [Ravenclaw]
Potions : geeksicle [Slytherin]
Transfiguration : --- Open ---

Professor duties: Professors post lessons once a month at the beginning of the month. They then grade (assign points for) students' homework, which is due before the next lesson in the same subject.

Partial credit for back homework may be received as follows:

  • slytherinblack, Divination, gives a maximum of 1/2 credit for new members (please link to sorting application), and 1/4 credit to members who could have turned their work in on time.

  • moonfruit_, COMC, will give up to 1/2 credit for the previous month's homework.

  • geeksicle, Potions, will give up to half credit for back homewhork.

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