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Divination - Tarot - layouts and practical exam. There are technically two different things here, worth a total of 40 points. You can do one or both in any combination you please.

Tarot cards can be set out in a variety of patterns; keep in mind while studying these patterns that what is important is not so much that you use one of these as that you pick a pattern that works for you and that you can remember.

Three card reading
We already talked a bit about this one.
1 2 3

1. The Past
2. The Present
3. The Future

Celtic cross layout
   5       9
4  1/2 6   8
   3       7

Note that card two is placed over card one.

1. This card represents the subject of the reading, usually a person
2. This card represents something that crosses the subject's path; an obstacle in the immediate present or future
3. Root or cause issue at hand (sometimes called the near past)
4. Past (far past)
5. Near future or goal
6. Far future or result of present actions
7. you how you see yourself
8. How family/friends see you
9. Hopes and fears
10. This is sort of a wild card; it serves to cover any aspect of the situation not already mentioned, or else to summarize the spread.

As you may note in this layout, what some of the positions mean somewhat depends on who you ask.

Assignment: Do a spread for yourself. Use a deck of regular cards if you don't have tarot cards and leave out the knight face card.
Make a numbered list of each of the positions, and tell me what each card might mean in the context of the position it is in. For example, if Death (usually means a change or transition) is in position 2, it means that you're currently dealing with a change like going to college.
As always, use to help with the card meanings. (Worth 20 points)

Imagine that you were doing a reading. You asked the cards, "is there anything any of my students ought to know about?" and you drew the following cards in the Celtic Cross layout:

1. Strength
2. Wheel of Fortune
3. Six of Cups
4. Three of Cups
5. Four of Swords
6. The Tower
7. Page of Wands
8. The Sun
9. Six of Wands
10. Justice (reversed)

Tell me
a) about the situation, in general terms as you understand it
b) about the situation in more specific terms. Write what character you think the reading pertains to, what situation it is, and so on.

There is a right answer; however, if you make a good argument you still have a chance to earn close to full points.

You may, of course, use, prior lessons, and other sources.

Due date: December 15
Also note that the due date on the previous lesson is October 31.
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