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Charms Lesson - Confirmo!

Ah, welcome back to another year!

I hope your summer holidays were enjoyable.

Now that we are back into the thick of things, you'll probably notice that your satchels have become quite thick with books and scrolls and other accoutrements of learning. I've seen many a strap or seam give out in the corridors, sending the contents of countless knapsacks all over the floors.

We will start out this year with an easy strengthening charm that you can use on just about any inanimate object to shore it up:

First, aim your wand at the object. Give it a neat counterclockwise circle, starting at six o'clock. - using the wrist, not the arm! As you bring the tip of the wand back to six o'clock, give it a sudden flick up and down - to twelve o'clock and back. Using the final downstroke as a sort of punctuation mark, say, "Confirmo!"

Keep in mind that this is not a permanent repair - but it ought to provide a temporary patch for whatever it is you are fixing, until a more proper job can be done.

And now... for your assignments!

Use the Confirmo charm on something and report back.

This assignment is worth 25 points. Extra credit will be awarded for creative use of illustration!
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