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Hello class! This month, we’re going to have some fun with our history lesson (not that the past few haven’t been fun! ;P).

There have been quite a few unexplainable events in muggle history that have been covered by what some call “conspiracy theories.” They were either “orchestrated by the government,” or had something to do with aliens, or are even now just myths or legends—sometimes muggles even get close to the truth in fearing magic surrounding these events. For example, we will look at the “Roswell Incident.”

There has been much speculation about what events really occurred at Roswell, New Mexico. Muggle civilians believed that there was actually an extra-terrestrial UFO crash in 1947, and that their governments were experimenting on the Alien bodies. Governments only just closed the case in 1994, and claimed there were Air Force (a division of the Muggle military) tests going on that created the events. However, as we all know, these were in fact the result of a renegade group of Dark Wizards called the “Noctis Clan.”

The Noctis Clan haunted the American west for about 2 decades, emerging around the time of the Great Depression. They took advantage of poor muggles, stealing what little food and money they had. They eventually ended up killing each other in a fight over the Clan's leadership—in Roswell, New Mexico. Because of the American Magical Ministry’s poor leadership in the West and sloppy work with fixing the problems, the Muggle people & government have come up with numerous stories to explain the events.

For homework I’d like you to analyze an unexplained mystery in Muggle History. Almost all of these events can be explained by corresponding historical events in our own text books, so no need to worry! While the Roswell Incident was an unexplained event, you may also try to explain myths. For example, perhaps shed light on the Jersey Devil or the Lochness Monster. You can go as far back in history as you’d like—back to the Dark Ages & Witch hunts, or the Greek Myths. Have fun with it and be creative, that’s what this lesson is all about. :) Your essay should be at least 300 words.

Homework Due: August 30, Midnight (EST) [ this may be extended, due to the Triwizard Tournament ]

Grading Rubric: 30 points possible
Quality of...
-Content: 5
-Writing style (clarity?): 5
Validity of points: 5
Creativity/Analysis: 10
Extra (excellence): 5

[ __ps_; I know that a lot of other teachers allow quarter points for late lessons. I'd like to do this as well, however I must ask that you INFORM ME if you submit old homework. I do not have comments emailed to me, so I won't know unless you tell me. Just leave a comment on my FO post in myjournal, I will see it then. Thanks! ]
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