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Ancient Runes.

I'm posting a lesson even with the TWT, because it's really a rather easy lesson, not even an essay.

Our first lesson had to do with using runes for divination. This is certainly not their only use. They can be used in spells for all sorts of things, strengthening the spell with their power. They can be used as talismans, providing protection or whatever else you may need.

In today's lesson, we will continue studying the Elder Futhark Runes (or Norse Runes), which contain 24 symbols. These symbols are divided into three groups of eight, each group known as an ætt. The first ætt is associated with Frey and Freya, Norse deities of fertility. This first ætt is what we will be studying today. Here is a little more information on the two deities:

Freya: The goddess of love and fertility, she came to Asgard (the top level of the nine worlds in Norse mythology) with her brother, Freyr, and her father, Njord. Freya was exceedingly beautiful and many fell in love with her, including giants, dwarfs, and men. Freya is said to have a talent for witchcraft and it is said that when she came to Asgard she instructed the gods about magic charms and potions. Freya also has a warlike side and shares Odhinn (god of universal wisdom and vistory, also the giver of the runes)'s love of battle. She and Odhinn share the slain heroes between them, so that some go to Valhalla (the hall of the slain, built by Odhinn) and others are chosen by Freya to be entertained at her hall, Sessrumnir. Freya's boar, the gold-bristled Hildisvini, was a symbol of war. As well as a boar chariot, Freya had a chariot pulled by two gray or black cats. She had a falcon skin that she sometimes donned to fly away. Her most precious possession is the Brisings' Necklace.

Freyr, Frey: He is the lord of the sun, rain and harvests. He is a shining god, bringing fertility and prosperity to all. Freyr was one of the Vanir gods that went to live in Asgard after the War between the Æsir and Vanir. His home is Alfheim (home of the high elves) and he is sometimes known as lord of the Alfs (elves). The ship Skidbladnir was given to him as was Gullinbrusti. He also possessed a magic sword that struck out at Jotuns (giants) of its own accord.

Now, on to the runes.

1. Fehu
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Sound: "f"
Stands for: Cattle
Color: Green (Brown)
Casting meaning: Symbolizes beginnings, moveable wealth (in the forms of money and credit). It not only represents the power we need to obtain worldly wealth, but also the strength we need to hold on to it, making Fehu a rune of power and control.

2. Uruz
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Sound: "oo"
Stands for: Auroch (like a wild ox)
Color: Orange (Dark Green)
Casting meaning: This rune signifies the power of the universe, but it is a power that cannot be owned or controlled. Uruz in a casting can also mean that personal success is near, so be ready to accept that power. It has also been know to be a rune of healing, so when you need that extra healing help, you can turn to Uruz.

3. Thurisaz
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Sound: "th"
Stands for: Thorn (or Giant)
Color: White
Casting meaning: This is a rune of protection. It symbolizes the power of resistance through a passive manner. Thurisaz can produce a sudden change without warning. Also, this rune can mean a defense as well as an attack against adversaries.

4. Ansuz
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Sound: "aa" as in "aah"
Stands for: Mouth (or Divine Breath)
Color: Purple
Casting meaning: Ansuz is a rune of divine force, a breath that powers life as well as existence. It is also a rune of intellectual activities. Ansuz is a symbol of stability and represents order no matter what problems may come to be.

5. Raidho
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Sound: "r"
Stands for: Wheel, Cartwheel (or Riding)
Color: Blue (Black)
Casting meaning: This rune represents the "vehicle" (or method) that we use in order for us to achieve an object or goal. Raidho allows us to channel our energies in an effective way so that these energies flow in a manner that will help us obtain our goal. However to use this rune to its full power we must know how to place ourselves in the "right place" at the "right time."

6. Kenaz
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Sound: "k"
Stands for: Torch
Color: Yellow
Casting meaning: Kenaz is the rune of knowledge, teaching, and learning. It represents a torch, which provides us with the inner light that can help us see things clearly.

7. Gebo
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Sound: "g" as in "gift"
Stands for: Gift
Color: Gold & Silver (Red)
Casting meaning: Gebo symbolizes the connection between the gods and people. It is the gift that brings connections between people through exchange. But it also represents the unity and honor that is created between those people when a gift exchange takes place.

8. Wunjo
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Sound: "w", "v"
Stands for: Joy
Color: Pink (Blue)
Casting meaning: Wunjo represents a state of harmony in a chaotic world and provides a balance between all things. It's a midpoint between opposites where alienation and anxiety disappear. This is also a rune of fellowship, shared aims, and a general well-being. When it appears in a reading it can also mean that good news will come from afar.

Okay, now this month we won't do an essay, just answer the questions below so I'm sure you understand the runes, and deities. Answers don't need to be in complete sentences:

1. What is Asgard?
2. Who is Freyr related to, and how?
3. What is an Alf?
4. What is a Jotun?
5. If I were getting a tattoo for protection, which rune of this ætt would I use?
6. I need to put a rune for knowledge on my quill before a hard test. Which would I use?
7. My life is completely hectic and I want a talisman for stability. Which rune would I use?
8. I'm giving someone a gift, and I want good relations to come of it. Which rune would I use?
9. I have a goal in mind, but I can't seem to focus on it, and need to channel my energies more efficiently. Which rune would I use?
10. I've been sick for a few days, and want to make a healing talisman. Which rune would I use?
11. Lately I haven't been able to sleep because of anxiety, and want to put a talisman under my pillow to help. Which rune would I use?
12. I'm going to college in a year, but my family hasn't got much money. Which rune would I use to help me with this?

Alright! That's it! Reply to this post with your answers. 24 points possible, 2 for each question. Due August 30.

Good luck!
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