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Charms Lesson! [03 Apr 2006|11:07pm]

Well, hello, everyone! It's good to see you all again. I hope that you have been keeping up on your readings. They will all come in handy for our next lesson.

As you all know, I spent the winter holidays doing some research in Africa, and was... delayed in returning by an unfortunate incident involving a witch doctor, a monkey, and a turkey baster. (The malpractice suit is still being deliberated, so all I can say at this time is that my hair is supposed to return to its normal color within the next few weeks...)

Anyway, today we are going to talk about minkisi - power figures that serve multiple purposes, from divining to curing illnesses.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it (and I certainly hope that you do accept it, since there just might be some questions on your exams about it), is to find an nkisi while on our field trip this month, and bring it back to demonstrate it to the class.

I trust that you all got your permission waivers signed... (Those of you who did NOT get your waivers signed will have to do an essay, instead.)

Option 1: Find an nkisi and bring it back for us all to see. Tell us about its origin, its power, and what happened when you used it.
**Worth 25 points**

Option 2: Go to the library and read up on minkisi. You have special permission to go in the restricted area, so long as you are accompanied by a librarian with sufficient DADA and transfiguration skills. Write an essay no less than three paragraphs long, describing a particular nkisi and its potential uses in your own life.
**Worth 20 points**

This assignment is due on May 1, before the Beltane festivities May 15.
time for homework

[18 Jan 2006|04:48pm]

Since our last few lessons were very tarot intensive, I decided to do something simpler again before moving onto a new type of divination. There'll probably be a second, heavier lesson posted sometime this term, but this one will nevertheless be due at the end of the term (May 15).

Lesson 1, Spring termCollapse )
time for homework

Charms homework totals [20 Dec 2005|09:12am]

Greetings, students!

As we come to the end of another term, let me tell you how much I've enjoyed having you in class. Now, before you go running off for your holiday break, let me give out the grades for your last homework assignment.

The assignment was worth 25 points, with the potential for 10 bonus points for "creative use of illustration".

By house:
H: 110 points
G: 110 points
S: 50 points
R: 35 points

ccofnw received bonus points for using the confirmo charm on diapers - what courage! superstition received bonus points for proof that one can, in fact, use the charm on socks. winged_spirit received bonus points for the lovely use of stick figures.

Have a relaxing break, everyone!
time for homework

Shock scandal! Hogwarts Potions Professor teaches students to make bombs! [28 Oct 2005|10:01am]

With Christmas approaching I thought it would be nice to set aside a lesson to teach you to make something you can give as a gift. Today we will be making bath bombs – a muggle invention that will certainly be appreciated by whomever it is who has to prepare and organise Christmas dinner at your place. I have often given one or two of these in a basket with a book and a bottle of wine and labelled it a “relaxation kit”. Your instructions are on the board. You may begin now.Collapse )

Remember, no points without name and house. This homework is due by December 15.
4 || time for homework

Homework extension [22 Oct 2005|03:31pm]

Both divination assignments will now be due December 15th, at the end of the term.
time for homework

Charms lesson - continued [21 Oct 2005|09:57pm]

Either you are all the most careful group of students I've ever met, or no one has had a go at the last charms assignment!

We are still working on the Confirmo charm - the assignment is worth 25 points, with bonus points for creative use of illustration!
2 || time for homework

[04 Oct 2005|03:55pm]

Divination - Tarot - layouts and practical exam. There are technically two different things here, worth a total of 40 points. You can do one or both in any combination you please.

LayoutsCollapse )

Tarot ExamCollapse )

Due date: December 15
Also note that the due date on the previous lesson is October 31.
3 || time for homework

[24 Sep 2005|05:31pm]

Hello students,

I hugely apologize for a lack of lesson this month to this point. Since there was so little participation in last month's lesson, I am going to extend the homework dates to carry over until October 10th. Please post your lesson homework either to this post or to the original. Click the fake-lj-cut to get there. ;)

( Lesson & Homework, Aug-Oct 10, 05 )

I promise something exciting and fun next month! ;)
time for homework

Ancient Runes [23 Sep 2005|08:20pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hallo, all! I apologize in large amounts for the late lesson. I've been rather swamped with things this September, but here it is.

Continuing with the Elder FutharkCollapse )

This is due at the end of October.

4 || time for homework

[15 Sep 2005|12:30pm]

Divination assignment - minor arcana

Minor arcanaCollapse )
5 || time for homework

[08 Sep 2005|10:56am]

[ mood | creative ]

Good afternoon class, I thought I'd have a rather simple and somewhat fun lesson today, just to ease you back into things after the excitement of the tri wizard tournament.

Today we will be studying Bowtruckles, they really are most fascinating creatures... Today's LessonCollapse )
Lesson due: December 15th

1 || time for homework

Charms Lesson - Confirmo! [06 Sep 2005|08:49pm]

Ah, welcome back to another year!

I hope your summer holidays were enjoyable.

Now that we are back into the thick of things, you'll probably notice that your satchels have become quite thick with books and scrolls and other accoutrements of learning. I've seen many a strap or seam give out in the corridors, sending the contents of countless knapsacks all over the floors.

We will start out this year with an easy strengthening charm that you can use on just about any inanimate object to shore it up:

First, aim your wand at the object. Give it a neat counterclockwise circle, starting at six o'clock. - using the wrist, not the arm! As you bring the tip of the wand back to six o'clock, give it a sudden flick up and down - to twelve o'clock and back. Using the final downstroke as a sort of punctuation mark, say, "Confirmo!"

Keep in mind that this is not a permanent repair - but it ought to provide a temporary patch for whatever it is you are fixing, until a more proper job can be done.

And now... for your assignments!

Use the Confirmo charm on something and report back.

This assignment is worth 25 points. Extra credit will be awarded for creative use of illustration!
14 || time for homework

Care of Magical Creatures Lesson [05 Aug 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

As everyone no doubt will be incredibly busy with the TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT this month - i won't clutter up your schedules with homework... enjoy the competition and good luck!!
will see you back in class next month - refreshed and ready to learn.

time for homework

POTIONS [05 Aug 2005|11:36am]

There is, class, only one thing I consider more important than an in-depth understanding of potions, antidotes, and the delicacy of their creation.

That, my young friends, is winning. Your potions homework this month is to kick some arse in the Triwizard Tournament.
2 || time for homework

Charms [04 Aug 2005|04:37pm]

PoofCollapse )
time for homework

. HISTORY OF MAGIC . LESSON THREE . [04 Aug 2005|03:59pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello class! This month, we’re going to have some fun with our history lesson (not that the past few haven’t been fun! ;P).

Lesson Three!Collapse )

Homework Due: August 30, Midnight (EST) [ this may be extended, due to the Triwizard Tournament ]

Grading Rubric: 30 points possible
Quality of...
-Content: 5
-Writing style (clarity?): 5
Validity of points: 5
Creativity/Analysis: 10
Extra (excellence): 5

a note on submitting homework LATECollapse )

5 || time for homework

Ancient Runes. [01 Aug 2005|01:18pm]

I'm posting a lesson even with the TWT, because it's really a rather easy lesson, not even an essay.

Our first lesson had to do with using runes for divination. This is certainly not their only use. They can be used in spells for all sorts of things, strengthening the spell with their power. They can be used as talismans, providing protection or whatever else you may need.

The LessonCollapse )
5 || time for homework

[31 Jul 2005|10:22pm]

Points for July's Herbology homework:

Ravenclaw: 21
Hufflepuff: 21
Gryffindor: 0
Slytherin: 0

Congrats to those who participated this month. :) Comment or email for individual marks.
time for homework

[01 Aug 2005|12:23pm]
Homework totals for Care of Magical Creatures this month:

Hufflepuff: 79
Ravenclaw: 25
Slytherin: 17
Gryffindor: 29
1 || time for homework

Potions homework totals [01 Aug 2005|10:43am]

Points totals this month are as follows:

Hufflepuff: 78

Ravenclaw: 53

Slytherin: 29

Gryffindor: 0

Students, please comment to receive your marks.
8 || time for homework

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